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Agora Models is delighted to be bringing The Transformers to Big Scale Modelers worldwide.

Our Optimus Prime die-cast metal model kit features lights and sounds, and is fully posable.

Each model comes with a Blaster and Energon Axe and the option of a Transformers-inspired unique display stand.

Optimus Prime is a wise and virtuous leader chosen to command the Autobots in their efforts to defeat the Decepticons.
His core motivation is to bring freedom and peace to all and this compassionate and skilled leader commands the respect of all Autobots.


Specifications & Features

Die-Cast Metal kit with lights & sounds

Optimus Prime

On its display base, this awesome model stands nearly 1 metre tall, and is made of die-cast metal resulting in an overall weight of approximately 11 kg. The model includes an exclusive locking mechanism on the joints allowing you to fix Optimus Prime in a myriad of action poses!


Depth: 230 mm (9”)

Width: 380 mm (15”)

Height: 780 mm (31”)

(all above dimensions exclude display base)

Weight: 11 kg approx (24 1/2 lbs)

Material: Die-cast metal with ABS

Number of parts: 600 approx.


  • Blue lit eyes with five animation settings
  • Functioning lights across Optimus Prime’s body
  • Voice and effects sounds
  • Metallic paint
  • Fully posable model with articulated joints
  • Illuminated and removable Matrix of Leadership
  • Includes Blaster and Energon Axe (with lighting effects)
  • Articulated hands
  • Hidden & visible vehicle details (brakes, radiator)
Optimus Prime model shot

It's all in the detail

Outstanding detail you only get with a big-scale model


Moveable head with faceplate that moves in sync with his speech, and eyes that light up with 6 settings


Two versions of The Matrix of Leadership: one in his chest is removable, another to hold in his iconic pose


Ball-jointed wrist and multi-jointed fingers provide full articulation to grip, point and clench


Metallic red and blue ‘vehicle’ paint plus metal and silver parts to highlight the extraordinary details


Coloured lights in his feet and body all function with a full-beam/dipped beam feature in his shoulders


Self-assembly blaster and Energon axe, including lighting effects, can be held or stored

Exclusive Display Base

Display Edition

Nearly 3ft tall!

Take Optimus Prime to the next level with this premium display base featuring the terrain as seen in many of his adventures together with an exclusive illuminated Cybertron design Transformers badge.

Upgrade to the ultimate museum-quality model

• Individually numbered
• Illuminated Transformers shield
• Iconic Transformers terrain styling
• Additional display lighting

Overal Height (Optius Prime + base): 35" (880 mm)

Display Base dimensions:

• Diameter: 22" (570 mm)
• Height: 12" (330 mm)


Your buying options

When you place your order we will send your first pack with the first stages of your kit to build your model. Following this, you will be sent another pack every month for 11 months. You will be charged monthly.

Alternatively, you may choose the 24-month plan – click here for more details.

(S&H cost per pack: USA $9.99; Canada & Mexico $19.99)

Your order will be in US$

Display Base

Add a Display Base to a 12-month plan for an extra $20.83 per month

(select the “+ Base” option to include this with your purchase).

Pack 1 only $74.99

then $149.99 per month

Add a Display Base for an extra $20.83 per month

Pack 1 only $74.99

then $79.99 per month

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Each time you complete an Agora model you qualify for a complimentary Pack 1 of your next model.

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